Brightside Salt & Clay Surf Spray
Salt + Clay Surf Spray
Salt + Clay Surf Spray
Salt + Clay Surf Spray

Salt + Clay Surf Spray

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Volumizing prestyle or light hold, casual, beach-day finish. For All Hair Types.

Way more than just a sea salt spray.

Our innovative and proprietary blend of salt and clay, silica, witch hazel, and green tea make our Salt & Clay Surf Spray both effective and healthy.

Unlike most salt sprays on the market, we use no alcohols or harsh chemicals that damage and dry out your hair. Our formula creates a thicker texture and volume while maintaining a soft, natural feel. And with a touch of natural caffeine and Epsom salt, our Salt & Clay Surf Spray will help stimulate and hydrate your scalp throughout the day.

For thinner hair, this is an ABSOLUTE MUST as a pre-styler or finishing product.

Size:6 FL OZ

Apply evenly to lightly damp or dry hair. Comb through for full coverage, root to tip. Blow dry for the most volume and control.

Hand style & shape for a casual finish or add some clay or pomade for a specific style of your choice.

So many ways to use this spray.